Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Hey everyone. I've had a busy week between getting projects finished, doing Creature of the Week and hosting my good friend Josh at my place in Montreal. I did manage to get the creature done this week, though. Or, at least, to a state of finished-ness I'm willing to post in the finals for COW.

Because of Halloween, (lark came up with the idea of a round based on creatures that use the corpse, pelt or skin of their prey to infiltrate the flock. I came up with two ideas but I liked this guy a lot better because he made me laugh. I figured, Wily Coyote's disguises are never successful and I figured my creature's disguise shouldn't necessarily be any good, so I came up with this guy. A creature meant to appear incredibly satisfied with the cleverness of his scheme, unrealizing of the fact it has already caught its prey.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Two Rounds as Mod

Hey guys,
Been a bit since a new creature. I hosted my first round, Heterogenous Heads, in which I asked participants to created a two-headed creature where the heads had to differ from each other in some way. My computer decided to break before I finished that piece, but I can at least give you the work in progress pre-computer breaking.

This week's round was m'colleague's first round as mod. He asked us to create an arctic war beast. The only requirement other than the arctic survival and war capacity of the creature was that it had to incorporate war paint into the design somehow. I created this thing, the Umalo. Hope you like both of these...

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Mod Squad

Hey people that care! Big announcement that isn't new if you I've talked to you in the last little while... I'm a Creature of the Week moderator! Starting this wednesday I will be sharing the Creature of the Week moderation duties with another COW regular, (lark.

Here's my most recent Creature of the Week entry (the last under the great reign of scorge (David Melvin)), the Arrion Lava Swimmer. The theme was glass rings. Giant ones found on an arid desert planet. The idea was to create the creature which leaves these rings in its wake. Thus I created this hot-headed species.

Hope ya like it! I'm very excited to start as COW mod with (lark, so look out for some of my own chosen topics in the near future!