Friday, December 11, 2009

Gravel Thresher

This is a new creature design. I wanted it to be dynamic and incorporate some background. That carriage will be fleshed out in the end. I'm going to be playing a lot with the idea of something emerging from a sandstorm abruptly. Hopefully it'll turn out.

The creature was my favorite of a few thumbnails where I couldn't decide whether it would be reptilian or insectoid. This one combines elements of potato bugs, prawns and will later probably have some centipede elements in there. I'd like to get across the boom and the thud of it emerging from the ground and then slamming into the ground after a triumphant leap in the air.

Here is the image after some more work. Still developing atmosphere, flipping around to see which direction I want to put it. Working with light and balancing still, too.

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