Saturday, January 29, 2011

Round 200, Part 5 (Finals for all Three)

Hey everyone!
I fuckin' did it! All three topic, three entries that I'm pretty happy with. I hope you like 'em. Here they are all finished...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Round 200, Part 4

Hey guys, thought I'd just drop of a little WIP of my sky guardian. I'm just going to tweak the background and render the clouds, then alter the composition a bit and then I think I'll be done with this guy. I'll post all three finals again, once I'm done, so you can get all three next to each other and stuff.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Round 200, Part 3

With only a couple days left in COW round 200, I'm scramblin' to get things done. Here's my predator, finished.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Round 200, Part 2

Hey dudes and dudettes. I'm chest deep in Creature design at the moment and neck deep at moderating duties. During the round 50 proceedings, the then-mod Fozzybar realeased a set of statistics detailing things about creature of the week. I'm doing the same now, only this time I have 200 (technically 202 with the Concept Cohesion included) rounds to worry about, and I'm actually being a bit more extensive in the info I'm providing. In the end, I've probably put more hours into the number gathering and recording of artists, than I have on these two creatures combined. Here are the current works in progress for the Gorgeous Sky Guardian and the Alpha Land Predator. The Sky guardian is actually the second design I chose to pursue, the first one was really frustrating me, though, and I feel like this one speaks more to my love of Miyazaki-style spirits. The Predator comes from a lot of things, but I wanted it to have the same vicious attitude and aggression of the honey badger. In the illustration I wanted to have him defending a kill (another, larger predator) from scavengers (based loosely off of Monitor Lizards, with a bit of Anole worked in).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Round 200, Part 1

It's been a little while since there was a new creature. I've been really busy with the Creature of the Week round 200 stuff, but I've also been sick, scrambling to catch up on work, and organizing things for two separate D&D campaigns I'm running. It's been a fun week, though. Got to see (and hold) my friends' new kid, Anya, for the first time, which was pretty amazing. Finished a painting and started conceiving the concept for a new one based around having my friend Tavish write a program to have me paint a painting. Also this week, Tavish wrote a story about me on his blog. It's a world in which I am a superhero advocate for the merits of loose leaf over bagged tea. It's really just a case of us reveling in my tealitism, but it was a good laugh and a fun read. I come off sounding like the most over-the-top character and the thing reads like a novelized action sequence from an anime. It's awesome.

Anyway, here's the first of my creatures from COW round 200. This is for 1 of the 3 potential briefs: the Hyperintelligent Sea Dweller. So here are my creatures: The Aqualith.