Saturday, September 24, 2011

It Just Wants Love... and Food

Hey guys. Been busy starting school again and all that junk, but I have some fun stuff for you, now! Here's a creature/plant design I finished literally 5 minutes ago. Originally I designed this while bored (and also not busy) at work along with a couple of other creatures I invented to have flora-like qualities. This was the one I spent the most time on, and ended up having the most fun with, so here he is:

I wanted to submit him to a big collaborative post-apocalyptic project called "WASTED" but the project closed for submission a few days ago. Damn. Anyway, I wanted to give it a ball, because I like the idea of it having this really obvious, and really kind of dumb, lure such that it could eat children.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This past week I decided to dabble a bit more in the realm of Industrial Design. The following is for round 178, the "Dwarven Mining Torch". That is to say, a flashlight for dwarven miners useable around flammable materials. The fun thing about industrial design with Fantasy is that you can make up things to help your design... like "luxor crystals" and "mana batteries".

Daravon's Standard Handheld Luxor torch functions on the principal that when a luxor crystal is contacted by a mana-based power-source it begins to glow. By establishing a slide-switch and locking mechanism allowing a small mana battery to contact the base of the crystal, dwarves can use the torch as needed without draining the power source. A mirrored cone is placed around the base around the protruding crystal allowing the user to focus the light. The torch is functional both upright like a traditional torch, and whilst aiming the light as a modern torch.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's about damn time!

So, sometimes I'm lazy. Sometimes I forget about things. Sometimes I don't end up putting a piece up here because it's shitty, and sometimes it won't stop being shitty no matter how many times I seem to attempt it. This is the final result for a set I've been meaning to do for quite a while. Firstly because I needed practice doing quick variants (there's about 3 hours of total work on this piece). Secondly because I needed to finally fucking render these guys for the benefit of my D&D group.

The group I play with on a regular basis during the school year have, on quite a few occasions, found themselves faced with Gigas, a large-sized demon-creature. I've described them to the party at length, but I'e been meaning to actually DRAW them for a while; and while all the iterations from my sketchbook were good enough for a while, every time I would try and sit down to render them out I got frustrated and upset with the results. This time I actually like where the piece went. Influences include: DOOM (specifically the enemy called Mancubus), Final Fantasy XII (with the enemy of the same name), Shadow of the Colossus (as always) and a few other things. Hope you like 'em.