Sunday, September 11, 2011

This past week I decided to dabble a bit more in the realm of Industrial Design. The following is for round 178, the "Dwarven Mining Torch". That is to say, a flashlight for dwarven miners useable around flammable materials. The fun thing about industrial design with Fantasy is that you can make up things to help your design... like "luxor crystals" and "mana batteries".

Daravon's Standard Handheld Luxor torch functions on the principal that when a luxor crystal is contacted by a mana-based power-source it begins to glow. By establishing a slide-switch and locking mechanism allowing a small mana battery to contact the base of the crystal, dwarves can use the torch as needed without draining the power source. A mirrored cone is placed around the base around the protruding crystal allowing the user to focus the light. The torch is functional both upright like a traditional torch, and whilst aiming the light as a modern torch.

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