Thursday, April 29, 2010

A bunch of things...

Hey. Here are a few random things I'm working on right now. The finished version of the self-portrait is up. There's also some silhouettes from some freeform creature design activities I was doing (I will have some actual freestyle creature design up pretty soon). Then there's my current COW project (NSFW) which is based around the idea of a repulsive creature that, seen in the right light, is able to turn people on. Thus the birth of the titmoth. I'll have a full description with the finished image.


  1. Great self-portrait! I like the eyes, and the general intention of the piece. There might be some distraction from the shading/coloring lines around the jawline, though. Maybe.

    Also, lolz @ titmoth. It looks great.

  2. Yeah, despite what I said it isn't actually done. I have some tweaks to be made. In fact, that isn't even the most recent version of it. I'll post the for real actually done version on my next post, probably.

    It's also worth noting that I'm dropping out of COW this week because I hate my design too much.

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  4. them some scary boobies. Nothing comes free in this world :)