Monday, July 26, 2010

First in Flight

Cause all we got is rhythm and timin', we go beyond the edge of the sky.

Sorry, Blackalicious lyrics aside, I'm knee deep in some COW right now after a successful venture in painting my living room, which will be functioning as my digital studio for the next year. Anyway, this week's topic is a two-weeker (last week being the first week of it), so I'm a little late to the game. The topic is Airborne Acrobat. We have to create the immature, adult and elderly forms of the creature. Right now I have a pretty far along image of the adult form and a sketch of the matriarchs with the young. Hope you guys enjoy...

On a side note:
If you're in Toronto this weekend, go see my friend, Callen Schaub's, art show! It's called Fluid Measure. It's at Cream Tangerine Gallery which is at 1087 Queen Street West. It opens tomorrow (wednesday) and has a vernisage on friday, the show goes until August 4th. Check his stuff out at this website. His art is great and he's one of my oldest friends, so if you can, go see it!


  1. I feel like gunning those things down.. reminds me of Revers :)

    Yeah check out Cal's show. It's magnificent stuff.

  2. Haha! Too much playing Gears of War, eh?

    Wish I actually had the chance to see Cal's show, but the amount I'll be in Toronto this month is roughly equivalent to a few hours of sleep in between buses two weeks from now.

  3. Thanks for the name doppin man. Your Art is lookin good!