Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Best In Show

Hey guys, this week's COW topic was to design a creature that might potentially win the intergalactic pet show. The twist was that the creature needed to be at least 50% green and needed to have scales on at least part of it's body. I came up with this little number. I'm no entirely happy with it, but I guess it's solid enough. I guess I just don't think it was as solid as I think my last two creatures were.

On top of that I decided to participate in's Daily Sketch Group, which is a weekly activity where you're given a sentence which gives you all the info you need to make any kind of sketch you like (e.g. Enviro/Creature • 1ST DROPS OF RAIN FALL ON DECAYED HUSK OF DEHYDRATED BEAST or Fantasy Creature • UPRIGHT UPPERCLASS SILK-WORM IS ADORNED IN FANCY DRESS). For this it happened to be: Open-Ended Sci-Fi • ROBOTIC MAN HAS HIT THE WALL. I just messed around for 20 minutes or so and came up with this.


  1. Si, the head close-up is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Adj, it's actually just a zoomed in version of the small one. There was almost no additional rendering. The only think I did was clean up the eye and a couple of the edges.