Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First COW in a while: Mischief Maker

Hey guys. I've been doing a lot of studies and other (more secret) things of late, so the possibility for cool new blog posts has been limited. Hope everyone had a good christmas. Here's the first COW I've done in a while. The theme this week is one Clark and I came up with called Mischief Maker. A creature so insidious that it breaks the very rules of COW. This round we were able to break one of the cardinal design rules of COW. That meant our options were to create a creature: with accessories or clothing, with a humanoid form, with no defined form (i.e. a shifting blob) or a creature which was a plant. I chose a creature with no defined form cause I figured it would be a nice challenge.. I'm mimicking the style of an artist whose work I love, by the name of Andrew "njoo" Hou, a bit. Hope you guys like this one. I downloaded this cool little graffiti font to give something more appropriate with the urban theme in terms of the title frame for the piece.

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