Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yes, I am still alive and doing things...

Hello world.
God it's been a long time since I've updated this thing. Here's the deal:
I've been super busy with my studio classes. It's left me very little time and even less motivation to get a whole lot of digital painting done. I had a creature design project on the go for a while, called The Ashlands, which was based around creating a pseudo-museological exhibit based around a set of invented flora and fauna (in a similar vein to Brynn Metheney's Morae River and current project, The Red Valley). Now, being in a highly concept-heavy art school, illustration-type work is very hard to get away with, and like many of my projects for which I set out with noble intentions of blending creature design and "high art", I ended up changing directions. I am still doing something in the vein of creature design, but it has taken an unexpected turn into the direction of cyber-mutation. The Ashlands may be picked up again at another time, but for now I'm abandoning it for a more conceptual-based commentary on my evolution from traditional to digital media.

In other news, I'm going to try and get a new website up in the near future. It should have my digital and traditional work documented on it, so I'll keep you posted on that. The creation of that site will likely mean the death of May Contain Dragons as you know it, so enjoy this blog while it's around, it won't be for much longer...

In the mean time, here are two pieces that are both quite old. These were originally intended for The Ashlands project, one for the Ashlands' harsh ash deserts, the other for the silt swamps that pock-mark the southern regions of the ash deserts. I'll post some more of my sketches from that project in the future. The Fithe (the phallic one) was done for the Freestyle Creature of the
Week round which happened in December, but was adapted for the project.

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