Sunday, April 8, 2012

Work dump from the last month or so

Website planning has been delayed because... well... for the most part we've kinda forgotten about it. Also I can guarantee that Tavish and Natalie probably don't really have the time to worry about doing that kinda thing for me right now. It'll have to wait for this summer, which is approaching fast, so no worries.

Here's a couple of pieces from the last little while, though I've been really lazy with my workflow lately...

This is a piece I did for Character of the Week over on They were doing "Dragon Riders", and having just finished the first of the "In His Majesty's Service" books, I wanted in. Artists in Character of the Week have a tendency towards going for badass rather than giving any of their characters a sense of personality or chemistry, so I wanted to approach it by giving the kid and his dragon a bit of a dog-owner type of relationship. Obviously How to Train Your Dragon was a pretty big influence on the design.

This is an image from a set of creature design projects I've been working on over the course of the last 8 months or so. What started out as a Brynn Metheney-style exploration of an ash-based wasteland, turned into an exploration of creature design and cybermutation. This came from a set of images that I sub-titled "Assemblages". The top row of athropods are all created from a set of insectoid parts, then thrown together and mirrored in illustrator to give me some basic creatures to work with. The second row is taking the initial creatures and splicing top and bottom halves together. The third row is the same, only splicing left and right halves together. The fourth and fifth row are then taking the second and third rows, and splicing them either horizontally or vertically (depending on which way they had not yet been spliced). It's one of a few different pieces I'm doing, based around exploring digital media and it's implications in drawing. I'm pretty happy with the result. This piece was printed on rice paper, and will be chin coll├ęd onto stone-henge individually.

Finally. I submitted a couple of designs to Threadless' shirt design competition-whatever-thing. It was a way for me to explore doing a little more graphic, line-based pieces, while giving me the potential to make a little money on the side. Neither of these designs ended up getting made, but I had fun enough with them, so hey, I guess that's alright. Here they are both as they were advertised on the site, and just the images alone.

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