Friday, March 20, 2009

Its Time for the Assault

Okay. This is a work in progress that's in its early stages and you'll have to forgive me for a few things that just look plain sloppy on this one. Its an illustration that will either go in the album booklet or within the graphic novel/comic series for Tiger Assault Pageant, the intense progressive musical duo. The band focuses on intense instrumentals and progressive melodies which are accented by heavily mastered vocal tracks regarding the tiger uprising and their alliance with dragons to destroy their political tyrants and their subsequent assault on the giant space empire of robots.

This image is of one of the tiger captains wailing on guitar in front of an entire battalion of robots he just exploded. It will probably describe this battle in Act 2 of their album/comic read-along. Likely in the song "Illumine these Dead Androids Part III (The Savage Barrage)".

So fucking progressive.


  1. ...What? I don't know if I should be amazed or completely going wtf.

  2. Either is fine. Its not something to be taken seriously. Its a project that's mostly a joke for me and my buddy.

  3. I see. I've decided I do like it. Also, nice teeth and fire.

  4. I'm glad you've decided that. I'm not so sure about it myself, but its not a serious part of my portfolio. Tiger Assault Pageant is just a good way for me and good friend Josh to stay in touch and goof around cross-province. And if we produce some ridiculous music and art to along with it, then hey, who am I to complain?