Thursday, April 9, 2009

Class Over, Portfolio BEGIN!

Alright guys, here's an update.
So I've finished my classes and two piss easy exams lay on the 2 week horizon. I've signed up for all my courses for next year save one. That course is called Special Topics in Drawing: Narrative, Time and Story which I am very interested in but is currently full. I am on the waiting list. I think it'll prove useful for the future of this hopeful concept artist/illustrator.

So with that leaving me a couple of weeks to dick around I have an open slot to tablet about every day. That open slot being most of my waking time. Here is a drawing I finished actually just now. This was all done today. The sketch was done at about 9 this morning in about 20 minutes. The colouring took a lot longer, not because of any reason other than I had to do it all twice. This is why you save. After finishing over half of this drawing, without having saved it, photoshop crashed. So this is the second colour run of this drawing, which took about an hour to an hour and a half, which means my colour speed is improving greatly. Anyway, this is one of two earth elementals I designed. The other will follow in a day or two, depending on how lazy and forgetful I am.

Peace and love.


  1. this is you. and this is great.

  2. Thanks. There's another one, similar, on the way. It has a lankier anatomy so that might actually me closer to being me.

  3. Whoa, this is really original stuff.

    Love what you did with thing.

  4. Thanks buddy. Yeah, I'm not sure if its assembling, or falling apart or maybe just floating around in that area but thank you.