Friday, April 24, 2009

Going into detail

Okay, time for a status update. I'm done muthafuckin' first year. As a result I'll be working on a bunch of shit for various different people. I have commissions coming up for a whole host of different people doing paintings, digital art and of course the TAP comic. I'm also just going to be working on regular stuff for my portfolio all summer as well (if I really want an internship at Ubisoft I'm gonna have to work hard as hell).

Here's the work in progress from below with another half hour to and hour of work done on it, going into detail on the dragon itself. I'll be finishing the wings today or tomorrow. Most likely tomorrow, then I can start on the rocks and the people, then I'll move on tho the sky and the lightning.

I'm pretty happy with how the dragon came out. The scale detail I thought was pretty good, the torso is a little vague but it works on this scale (the actual image I work on is 3 times the size of this one. This one is 1000 pixels wide, the one I work on is 3200, I just shrink it for your sakes). The blue on the face is just to highlight where I'm going to be putting some intense blue-white/dark contrast once the lightning is done properly. I really want to get the effect that this is a flash of lightning coming from its mouth, not just energy, so the contrast there is going to be really intense later, when I work back into it.


  1. Si, the head and neck look amazing!! also, the lighting on the left wing is looking ominous as shit. see you tomorrow night, buddy!!

  2. Thanks Adj. I'm plannin on making the inner right wing have some extra lighting effects once I finish with the lightning so it may look just as ominous.