Friday, September 25, 2009

The Duel of the Hunter and Hunted (Transmuted/Disfigurer)

Okay so I have a couple of things to put up. Firstly, I feel finished with my Atrix Wolfe piece. I tweaked the background a little bit, I feel the figures are more integrated into the piece. The only edit I may make is to add some ravens flying around in the aura of the Hunter. I'm pretty happy with the turnout. I hope you guys like it.

The second item is a half-finished project for DRAW 300. As you may know, I refuse to put up any and all of my non-digital work if I can help it. As a result you never really see what it is that I do in class. So last class in a hope to make the class a little more interesting (since I have to "learn" rudimentary drawing skills again... for like the 5th or 6th time) I brought my laptop and tablet in order to draw from the model (who was more of a still life than anything). The drawing is not yet in colour, which I will be applying this weekend at some point. Its a work in progress, and it may look a little flat to you, but that's actually because the profile of this model was fairly flat. Anyway, here goes.

More TAP frames soon. I have one new one finished with two more on the way very soon.

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