Thursday, September 10, 2009

Past all that Good Shit

The school year has started for me, which may mean that my personal projects may slow down to a trickle... Instead of the slightly faster trickle of the summer.

Here's another WIP shot of my piece based on the Book of Atrix Wolfe. I still really need to clean up the background and I still need to adjust lighting and shadows so the characters look like a part of the background rather than static images pasted on. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how the Hunter turned out. I may do some more smaller details with regard to the new tongues of flame on Atrix. I'll have to see.


  1. Wow, the Hunter looks pretty damn awesome.
    Didn't expect it, thought the previous version was pretty much done.

    This is way better.

  2. Thanks Arashi. I would've talked about all the things I needed to still do in my last post, but at the time I was stealing my neighbor's internet connection and it was really flaky so I didn't really have a lot of time to type.

    Anyway, I still have to adjust light issues and improve the background's overall quality, but its turning out pretty nice I think.