Friday, October 30, 2009

The First WIP in a Long-Ass Time

So this should give you a really rough idea of where this is going. Cliffs in the background. Waterfall. There are some small, ruined architectural elements. Then there's that city in the sky which I'll go into detail for. The dragon at the front is meant to be made from dirt and rocks, with roots and junk sticking out of it. When I make its wings, I'm thinking of making them out of branches, which I think would look really cool. Already I think this environment is turning out better than the previous 2 dragon + environments (mostly because of the learned success from "Fallen Leaves"). I think the key for me has to be to work on the dragon and the scenery simultaneously rather than one after the other. I'll be going into much further detail than is here when I work on this further. After this one I think I'm going to try out character design a bit, and look at that side of concept art. Maybe do a bit of creature design at the same time (since I haven't really done that since the Shambler and the Strider).
I'm also thinking of doing a cool action shot of the Shambler and the Knight in front of it having a chase scene.

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