Thursday, October 8, 2009

Svripping on your (?)Turntables(?)

Alright, so this year I'm taking a course on narrative and story in drawing. In addition to our classwork and assigned projects we also have to complete a good amount of personal work on a self-created assignment. This is the first of those drawings.

To give you a brief description of my project, it involves child-like wonder, one of my current (and Miyazaki's) favorite themes to put into my work. The drawings will follow me trying to see mundane objects in a new way. This particular drawing is about my playing with the screen off the top of my gecko's terrarium. I ended up just scratching on it like a DJ, so I created a few sketches of me, the terrarium and some DJ equipment. Originally I had half the terrarium as a speaker, I had it in bright pinks and high contrast, but it looked awful. This is the one I ended up with. I had to bring the yellow into the actual drawing in a way that connected the words to the character so I put touches of yellow for the headphones and I shaded the crown on Max (from my WtWTA tattoo), since that actually is yellow on my arm. I feel like this turned out really well. It will be accompanied either by a short anecdote about my playing with the screen, or detailed instructions on how to be a 'screen DJ'.

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