Monday, January 11, 2010

I've always misspelled it 'foilage'...

Here's some more work with the Ursadon piece. I've mostly just been adding atmospheric effects and some foliage.


  1. Awesome. That's some nice vegetation you got going there, like that spiral flower thing. Also, really great effects on the water, super dynamic.

    And, I've been meaning to say this since the first Ursadon post, but those darts (?) are crazy well-done.

  2. Thanks, Arashi. I've been working like crazy on each detail on this one when I can. I'm, franky, amazed at how I've been able to actually stay on task with this one.

  3. I did start this piece well before seeing the film. Though the film's awesome vegetation is certainly going to be a very present influence in the piece.