Friday, March 26, 2010

Bufo Terrasquous

Here's this week's Creature of the Week. The Giant Amphibious War Machine. The concept behind the theme was to create a freshwater, amphibious (as in land and water rather than the category defining frogs, toads, salamanders, newts and some other random creatures) creature that would be capable of defending bodies of water from others in the far future where water is less plentiful and more hoarded.

My concept in particular was to create a creature which would intake the water and would use thermal pockets within its body to superheat the water and spray it back out in the form of steam. Anyway, here's the drawing...


  1. Hey anyone who pays attention to my blog. Today I got my first ever vote in COW. This is great! It means that at least one person legitimately thought that my entry was the best. Considering my competition I am incredibly proud that I could even get one person to vote for me. If I can get any votes, I consider it a successful COW.

  2. This is damn cool. I like how you think up the mechanisms for different functions, in this case how to shoot out steam. Congratulations on your COW's vote!

  3. Thank Arashi. It means a lot to hear comments on the creative aspect of my creature design. There are a helluva a lot of concept artist without a creative bone in their body so it's nice to know that people think I did something original. Oh, and I got a second vote!