Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The REAL Cookie Monster

This week I entered into the Creature of the Week competition again. The topic this week was "The Real Cookie Monster" wherein you had to re-imagine the cookie monster as some kind of creature. I came up with this little guy... the background is half-assed but I think the creature itself turned out pretty good.


  1. Haha oh man, that's a pretty sick one. I really like the eyes, their shape, and their lustful malice.

    I never realized you had a sig/watermark. Pretty neat.

  2. Thanks! I created it not too long ago, so I'm not surprised you haven't noticed it. I've only recently started using it.

  3. solid critter. the patchy, two-toned fur is very life-like and the eyes are perfect. lively and mischievous. motherfucker give me back my cookies!

  4. Thanks brutha. To respond to your comment about my self-portrait, yeah I look patchy and meth-addicted, but it's a pretty early in progress. Consider that I've only worked about an hour and a half on it, and the piece may take me 4 hours in the end.

    New COW should be up tomorrow. Look for an update.