Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Supersonic and Interstellar

Hey guys. Last week I entered Enviro of the Week as well as Creature of the Week. The topic was "Interstellar Lighthouse". Also on the docket is this week's Creature of the Week, which is the "Supersonic Spike". I'm not super happy with either, but my enviros are never that great, and the creature I was running a bit low on the time factor and had to rush certain parts of it that I wouldn't have otherwise.


  1. I don't think I want to leave the house for fear of one of those things ripping through me. Your blood looks very realistic buddy

  2. My blood is quite realistic, I know, I've done bled it b'fore! Thanks man, and don't worry, there are only three reported instances of these things killing humans and all of them involved ill-fated attempts at making personal flying machines in the wrong part of the countryside.

  3. Update: My supersonic spike design is currently in 4th place, breaking my previous 4 vote record. I have 7 votes and am proudly sitting with 7 less votes than second place and 11 less than first. This is a proud day for me in COW.