Monday, October 4, 2010

The Mod Squad

Hey people that care! Big announcement that isn't new if you I've talked to you in the last little while... I'm a Creature of the Week moderator! Starting this wednesday I will be sharing the Creature of the Week moderation duties with another COW regular, (lark.

Here's my most recent Creature of the Week entry (the last under the great reign of scorge (David Melvin)), the Arrion Lava Swimmer. The theme was glass rings. Giant ones found on an arid desert planet. The idea was to create the creature which leaves these rings in its wake. Thus I created this hot-headed species.

Hope ya like it! I'm very excited to start as COW mod with (lark, so look out for some of my own chosen topics in the near future!


  1. beautiful scene. you really made the creature look massive, like a sand whale

  2. very cool. I like the after-math shot a lot

  3. Thanks guys! I was going for something really massive, I'm glad I managed to get that across. I was afraid it might be coming too far into the foreground.