Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Hey everyone. I've had a busy week between getting projects finished, doing Creature of the Week and hosting my good friend Josh at my place in Montreal. I did manage to get the creature done this week, though. Or, at least, to a state of finished-ness I'm willing to post in the finals for COW.

Because of Halloween, (lark came up with the idea of a round based on creatures that use the corpse, pelt or skin of their prey to infiltrate the flock. I came up with two ideas but I liked this guy a lot better because he made me laugh. I figured, Wily Coyote's disguises are never successful and I figured my creature's disguise shouldn't necessarily be any good, so I came up with this guy. A creature meant to appear incredibly satisfied with the cleverness of his scheme, unrealizing of the fact it has already caught its prey.

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