Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ol' Rusty

I decided to, in addition to Industrial Design of the Week, check out this week's Character of the Week. I screwed up the letters at the bottom, because I'm so used to Creature of the Week, but whatever. I sort of have an aversion to Character of the Week (ChOW). It's a lot harder to break into than COW, there are way more people doing it and, while the average quality of rendering tends to be a bit higher in ChOW, it also tends to be a lot less original as a whole. I find topics involving female characters just about who can make the hottest babe, and topics about male characters can quickly descend into who makes the biggest badass. Obviously I'm generalizing, and the same problem is present in COW a lot of the time, I just find myself less and less likely to enter ChOW based on that fact. Anyway, the topic this week was "Intergalactic Postman", So of course we got a bunch of the most heavily-armed "badass" postmen you can come up with. My contribution was this little guy:

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