Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Pee Pee" Is Still A Funny Term

So recently I've become a little frustrated with concept art. In particular, with the obsession with realistic rendering and "the badass". Myself as much as everyone else. Now, I'm a pretty goofy guy and I think my digital art should start reflecting more of that, so with that in mind here's a piece I did in the past 2 days. ConceptArt.org, in addition to it's Creature of the Week competition, also hosts Environment of the Week, Character of the Week, Panel of the Week and Industrial Design of the Week. This week IDW's topic was "Pissoir". Now, if any of you know my draw series from 1st year, or have heard my stand-up, I love looking at urinals and public washrooms in new light. The urinal had to be designed with a specific location in mind, so I designed this little number with the idea of some kind of Aquarium. In my head "The Aquarium" is still every cartoon's idea of what one is. A big plastic whale whose mouth you enter into, leading to a giant glass tunnel of fish. Anyway, here's my Uri-Vu, Marine-Urine Alliance approved Pissoir!

Description I gave for the piece:
Taking your kids on an oceanic journey by visiting your Metropolitan Aquarium? Now peeing is twice as entertaining with this public urination booth! Watch a myriad of tropical fish in the Uri-Vu P-Quarium, while you pee in a giant fish's mouth! Each urinal is certified by the Marine-Urine Alliance and is marked with it's Cuoy Fish of approval. So enjoy your stay at the Metropolitan Aquarium, and as always: "Don't Worry, Pee Happy!"

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