Monday, May 16, 2011

FAAAAAABulous Dragons

So, I recently had my computer brought in for repairs. Due to my previous experiences with the Apple store (and the competence of the employees within), I had planned on spending about a week to a week and a half without my computer. Logically, this would have made it difficult to moderate the Creature of the Week forums, so the week before last I asked Clark to kindly moderate a 2 week round so as to be safe in case I wasn't around due to computer repairs. Likely as karma for this, my computer was repaired not in the two to four days that they said it would take, but rather two hours after I dropped my computer off. Anyway, in addition to getting my computer back I was able to participate in the round that week which was "Faberge Dragon", the idea being to design a dragon that would hatch out of a specific Faberge Egg. I thought the topic was pretty clever, and there's some cool stuff going on this round. Anyway, here's my dragon from this round.

For the record, it was based (loosely) off this egg:

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  1. gorgeous lighting and excellent creature design!!