Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything new. I've been super lazy lately. Given the fact that work is iffy until mid-May, I've been just dicking around at home (mostly playing Persona 4). So my workflow as been burk...flowed. Anyway, I have a new creature for you all, so "Hooray!" or whatever it is that you say when I post a new creature.

Before that, a couple of things. First off is that my brother, Nick Sweetman, has an art show coming up, which opens on the 26th of this month at The Rivoli in Toronto. There's a link to the facebook event here, and you can check out Nick's paintings on his website here. I encourage you to attend if you're in Toronto, since his paintings are awesome.

Secondly, I'm currently in the works of putting together an audio-book version of my "kids book" Everyone You Know, which has been recorded an is in the editing process at the moment. When that's done I'll be throwing it up on youtube with the images going along, so you can watch me crush dreams whenever you want. I'll be throwing you guys a link to that when it's up.

Lastly, I'm pretty excited this week about tattoo news. My friend Alysha Farling, whose drawings continue to inspire awe in me, who I commissioned to work on a tattoo design for me, has finished the design. This week I finally get to see where everything is at, and what she's put together, so we can see if changes need to be made or if it's totally awesome already. I will put up an image of the design as soon as is possible.

Okay, so without anymore piddling around here's the creature I worked on this week. I'm really happy with how this guy turned out. Probably my favorite design since my Halloween round entry. The topic this week was one of mine, wherein I plugged a bunch of creature-y adjectives and such into a table and then used random number generation to pick 3 traits to generate a topic. It came up with a lot I liked, but I went with this one: Red-Hot, Speckled Rock-Muncher. Also fun: this is the 30th creature I've designed for Creature of the Week!

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