Friday, June 24, 2011

Parlsey Coriander (Parssurrrey Coriahndurrhu)

Here's the finished product on my piece illustrating my character from Ravenloft, the late Parsley Coriander. For the record, the name came as my little tribute to the film Paprika. In the film, the character Paprika seems to have her name only ever said by dudes with really deep voices. With japanese accents it takes on certain je ne sais quoi. Parsley's name came from me and my tabletop gaming group deciding what seasoning was the most fun to say in a thick, deep, Japanese accent.

As for the character, I should probably explain a couple things about her to be perfectly clear on why certain things are in the illustration. She has fey in her bloodline, and was raised in (read: by) the woods due to her parents illegal dealings in hallucinogenic (and magical) mushrooms. I wanted the character to be totally out of place in the grim gothic horror of Ravenloft, so I decided she was a bit of a space cadet, who loved animals (ducks in particular), and whose main weapon was her imaginary friend/giant spoon (lovingly named "Coop the Scoop"). Her parents were taken away and killed and she was raised by a wealthy dude and his 6 bitch-ass daughters. Anyway, Parsley, over the course of our journey had the following happen to her (not necessarily in this order):
- Was told by an all-powerful computer that she had to use necromancy to see ducks again
- Saw several visions of her dead parents, including an instance of them coming out of a camel's humps
- Had a horse come back to life only to have it killed by Brian Mulroney
- Had several arguments with Brian Mulroney leading to several attempts on her life
- Had her love of animals nearly completely destroyed
- Was brainwashed by a squirrel demon
- Fell off a cliff
- Died
- Got her soul sucked into the all-powerful computer, destroying it
- Came back to life, undead
- Killed many a squirrel
- Had her adoptive family attempt to kill her in the form of living mushrooms
- Was effectively brainwashed by a lich
- Attempted to kill and was subsequently killed by another party member

Hopefully that explains the image somewhat... Maybe?