Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Solar Collector

New creature, woo! First thing's first though: Allison Theus of Extra Credits] (a web-series discussing the development of video games as a medium) and incredible concept art fame requires shoulder surgery if she wants to continue to do art. Currently her team has set up a page to raise money for her surgery (which is rather expensive over in the states), if you feel like contibuting, please do. Here is the link to the page.
Here is a link to Allison Theus' website.

Anyways, here's my new creature. The topic this week was one of Clark's, the Solar Collector. It had to be a creature living in an extremely cold environment which had some way of harvesting solar energy to survive. Here's my entry. I wanted to show it with the frill opened and closed but I ran short on time. The one's in the back are just slightly warped and colour-adjusted copies, but I wanted to show scale better, as well as give it more of a populated look. Hope ya' like it!

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