Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Self-Portrait" sinks to new depths

Sorry everyone, it's been a while since my last update. I've been really bad about working. At the moment I'm on vacation visiting Toronto before my sister moves to Berlin for grad school.

Here's a self-portrait I've been working on and off on for the last few weeks (basically since I finished the Solar Collector). It was a frustrating piece and I had a hard time staying focused the whole time I was working on it. Ah well, it's done now, and I'm pretty happy with the turnout.

In other news, Clark Miller is running a series of 3 COW rounds entitled the 'familiar series' looking at the concept of a wizard's familiar. We just finished with the Cult-leader's Demon Whisperer, which was a Lovecraftian-themed one. We're about to start the Alchemist's Golden Pet, with one more after that. Check it out.


  1. Simon. I can't wait for my pog-smuggling schemes to pay off and for you to wander off to some humid jungle hell where you will do freelance work for cheap, so I can use that sweet pog-moneys to enlist you to paint stuff like this to decorate the walls of stately Pog manor. For serious. I'm impressed.

  2. Thanks dude. Pogs are still cool.