Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Glabrezu and a New Site

First and foremost, I have a new website! Check it out here:

My glorious return to creature of the week is also punctuated with my glorious announcement that I am leaving creature of the week. So, Clark and I have been moderating C.O.W. since October 2010, and we've been doing is since round 190. It's now round 294 and I'm getting tired. Clark is getting tired. Clark is super busy because he's essentially the art department for an entire company (by the way you should check out the game he did all the art and animation for: Roundhouse!). I'm not actually so busy since I'm just finishing up my degree but I just don't really have the energy to devote to C.O.W. that it needs. So we'll be stepping down as moderators once we've seen through the round 300 spectacular we'll likely be doing.

Anyway I finally decided to jump in on some Creature fun since it's been a dog's age since I produced a final for it. The topic was the Glabrezu, since I'm a huge D&D nerd like that. I was doing a time lapse for this guy and I have the entire first half of production for this, but my time lapse program died on me for the entire latter half of the process, so I think I'll be forgoing actually producing the video (sorry!).

 Anyways, here's the piece, hope you enjoy!


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