Sunday, May 5, 2013

Time Lapse Double Bill

Hey folks, I have time lapses! For your faces!

Okay so there are two to show here. One for "Bruisers" that I forgot to post up here a while back, so this is really just administration insofar as that goes.

The second one I have here is for my most recent piece, the Glabrezu. Unfortunately, my time lapse program stopped functioning properly during the last 2 and a half hours or so of the process, so the .avi files for that period of time are corrupted and I thusly was unable to put the whole process in the video. But all is not lost. Once the site is back up and running (it's down frequently) I will be posting a full tutorial on my process for this guy on I've wanted to try my hand at tutorial-making for a while, and since I won this Creature of the Week round and I have so much of the process recorded it made sense to do the tutorial with this guy. Anyway, enjoy what there is of the process below.

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