Sunday, July 12, 2009

Genenenenenetic Re-Order

Sorry there hasn't been a post in a long time. Firstly, I've been extremely bust, what with summertimes coupled with my stylus fucking off for a while (it turned out to be just hiding on my desk for like a month).

Anyway, just so you guys (meaning the 6 of you who actually look at this thing regularly) don't lose your faith I'll give you guys a little taste of some of my 10 minute drawings that I did a little while ago. They're for a weird little steampunk genetics-type project that a buddy of mine on the Escapist forums was putting together. Anyway, these were my contributions to his now discontinued project. They are, in order: Platypower (the platypus/cannon), Davey Jones' Shocker (the least practical octopus ever), and Clanguin and Quax (a penguin sewn to a duck)... yeah they're pretty strange but hey, I had fun with them

Each of these I took about 10-12 minutes on. Stay tuned though, I have some dragon stuff coming up in the near future plus maybe some Tiger Assault Pageant updates.


  1. Nice! That penguin-duck is badass.

    I was going to put in a comment before your post came up, asking for the whereabouts of your dragons. I guess it sort of still stands =P

  2. Don't worry. They're coming. Like I said, I've been sort of tablet-less for a while, and that in conjunction with being very busy at work/having most of my free time being eaten by the triumphant return of one of my friends has left me with very little time to draw.

  3. Enjoying life and its actors is more important than catering to the demands of blog viewers, I think =P

    Keep on doing what you do, because it's great.

  4. this shit is

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