Friday, November 27, 2009

Lurker Hound and Co.

Here is the finished product on the lurker hound. I changed the legs a bit as I was doing them, so that it looks more like a leaping, or dodging pose. I noticed that a lot of my poses are pretty static so this was an attempt to get across something a bit more dynamic.

The other drawing is the first of a few drawings that I'm doing in preparation for a cyberpunk D&D campaign in the near future. The campaign is going to feature a group which will act as the rival characters to the party, each one loosely based on a different friend of mine from the artist community at the Escapist. This is the first one based on a user named Zelamac.


  1. That lurker looks crazy! The first thought I had before reading your description was: "Oh hey! That looks really dynamic!" Hah.

    Also, that dude looks groovy. But maybe the left arm looks a bit unnatural?

    Also, I'm sure I had commented already so I apologize if this posts twice.

  2. His left or our left?
    Our left/his right is supposed to be mechanical, but if it looks awkward I may go back and work that out. If it's the other arm, though, that's a lot easier to fix.

    Also, thanks about the lurker. It's really awesome to know that I got my goal across.

  3. Sorry, I meant his left/our right arm. Maybe the elbow is too high up, or the angle too right, I don't know.

  4. I see what you mean. Adjustments will be made.