Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sick Day

I have been very sick lately. The last 4 days have been spent mostly at home... in bed... doing nothing. It sucks. Anyway, this is what I've done in that time. Not as much as you'd expect but here you go. The second is the finished version of the Defiler redo. The first drawing is a work in progress of another monster in the same vein as the Lurker Maw a few posts ago. They will both be monsters in my D&D campaign. They both live in a vast wasteland where the sandstorms are incredibly bad. The reason neither have eyes is because, presumably, sandstorms would destroy their eyes, thus I've decided that the red barbs/spikes on them are extra-sensitive feelers like antennae which are heat sensitive and cold sensitive so they can tell where objects are based on heat. Some future creatures may use echo location or something...


  1. This is really good. See, I always thought you worked on a subject as a whole, and fleshing it out layer by layer. Also, that crazy texturing with the sketchy frame is really awesome. Seems to pop out, definitely hah.

  2. Also, sorry that you're sick. Seems to be a bad time, too. I've been sick as well, but crazy deadlines all converge on Monday, so rest is elusive for now.

  3. In terms of the way I work I've been experimenting a lot lately. I find that the results I get really depending on the method I use (obviously) but I think that for creature design and character design this method tends to work farily well, with basic colours devised and then going in refined section by section, touching up as a whole afterwards, then adding small details. With environments I think its best to use an overall layered approach, refining from the back forward.

    I am still sick, it sucks. Alas, I have an essay to finish for tomorrow and I'm pulling a late-nighter to make sure it is finished on time. YAY SCHOOL!