Thursday, November 19, 2009

WIPping myself into shape...

Yesterday I saw material from a 16 year-old kid. It made me shameful of my meager talents. Holy balls is this kid good. He's the featured artist in the latest issue of ImagineFX, which is like THE concept art magazine. His character art is really quite good and, considering is age especially, is enough to make me feel inadequate. Nevertheless, with shame comes inspiration in this case. So last night I sat down and drew. Today I drew some more. Here are my two works in progress for the moment. The first is a REALLY early stage on some knight character. I'm planning on building him up. Starting him with the simplest of details and slowly building on them until the image is complex enough for me to be satisfied. The other image I'm posting is actually a revamp of a previous image. One of the first things I did for May Contain Dragons was a piece called Incursion by Defilers. Well, I decided to take a look back at the defiler and redo him with all I've learned taken into account. It's also my first time using texture overlays, which was fun and I think turned out really well.


  1. Now THIS is what it's all about!

    That's great, with the texturization and such. It gives it a definitely more solid and finished look. It looks cleaner, too.

    Also, that knight looks like an armored mounted police =P

  2. Thanks Arashi. I'm making pretty good progress on the defiler so I think I'll be done with it in the next few days.
    Yeah, the Knight does look a little Mounty-esque. I'm hopefully going to be able to define the armor as less brown and his shirt will look a lot less red in the end. I'm also going to be adding onto him over time, giving him acessories. Like some kind of action figure.