Monday, March 21, 2011

Boat over the Hall of the Mountain Styx

This week I'm doing a community activity-stravaganza! Which may or may not be a terrible idea considering the amount of actual schoolwork I have. But, nevertheless, in the words of Sims and Dessa, we "Press On! Press On! You know what that's like!".

It was round 160 for both Industrial Design of the Week and Environment of the Week. I did both...
The topic for EOW was "In the Hall of the Mountain King", inspired by Greig's music. Whilst I was listening I imagined a city lining the walls of a massive cavern, the buildings all stacked atop one another precariously. Here was the result.

The topic for IDW was the Boat over the River of Styx. I imagined it as a cheesy theme park ride. The result was really heavily Grim Fandango-inspired.


  1. dude, these two are fucking UNREAL! the first is hands-down the best environment i've ever seen you produce. the atmosphere is SO well done. very inspirational. and the ritual circle (right?) is a really cool touch. it must have been hard to make those tiny flames but they look great.
    the styx boat is goofy but fucking CRISP. the boat, the blazing exhaust pipes, it's all simple but really well-rendered. you're becoming quite a skillful painter with that tablet! keep it up bro

  2. Thanks brotha! The cavern city was a nice change for me. Enviros are hard because you have to be a lot looser than with other things, but you still need to maintain a level of clarity and readability. I'm going to be doing as much EOW as I can in the near future.
    I'm pretty happy with the turnout on the boat, even though it was a super quick piece to do.

  3. Homer meets Harley Davidson... cool. The Napiers are duly impressed with both of these. My eleven year old daughter especially likes your fish tank urinal from the archives... Pee pee is still a funny word here too.