Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Even Goblins need a little lovin'...

So, despite slicing the fuck out of my finger the other day, I'm back to working a decent amount on my weekly drawings. I'm working on a couple of side projects, but none of those are far enough along for me to want to post. One of them the become a step-by-step on my process. I would do some video capture stuff when I'm doing a piece, but I think that would be really harsh on my processor, which already gets chuggy on PS sometimes.

Anyway, here's this week's COW piece. The topic was another one of mine: Goblin's Best Friend. The concept of the round was to create a pet for golbins that would be equivalent to what dogs are for humans ("Man's best friend"). So, here's my creature, the Bulwarf. I'm pretty satisfied with how he turned out. Think of him as the spiritual successor to my Halloween creature (with the terrible bird disguise), as I like the similar complete disregard for the world around them, and the similar palette styles and spot rendering.

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